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Praise the Lord.

And, thank you for visiting United We Shall Stand.

The truth is (and Jesus said it), that
united we SHALL stand, but divided we SHALL fall,
as Christians (see Mat. 12:22-37).

And, the truth is (and everyone with eyes to see, can see),
that we (as Christians) have been divided, and falling,
while Satan and his servants have been united,
and prevailing, both in America,
and abroad.

And, the truth is, we need to know the facts,
in order to be able to know how to pray,
as well as how to do anything at all
(including how to vote, and
a whole lot more).

[Note:  Only Jesus has made Americans free,
or brave, or just, or moral, or honest, or ingenious,
or dependable, or prosperous, or generous, or more.]

[Also Note:  America represents a nation with
liberty, and justice for all, and the land of the free,
and the home of the brave.  And, unless we “fight,”
in the spirit (being that our enemies are spiritual),
for what Jesus has given us, He might get angry,
which we do NOT “want” (see Psalm 2:12).]

So, the time has come, for the “true”, and the “faithful”
(which describes one group, from two perspectives)
to know, what is NECESSARY, for us to be “able”
to act like the Body of Christ, or the Church,
with Jesus as our Head, or as our Lord,
or as our Boss, and as our Judge
(see Eph. 5:22-33, and
2Tim. 4:1-5).

United We Shall Stand
(which is an Internet periodical)
will help us (as Christians), to do that.

Jesus told us,
that those who love Him,
will obey Him; while those who do
NOT love Him, will NOT obey Him
(see John 14:15-26).

And, God’s Word tells us,
that those who will NOT obey Jesus,
will be destroyed, from among God’s people
(see Acts 3:22-23) ‐‐ which is a serious consideration,
for everyone on the planet (given that “only” Christians
have been given power, and authority, over Satan,
and his servants, and a whole lot more).

God’s Word also tells us,
that, unless we are with Jesus,
we are against Him; and that, unless
we are helping Him, to gather, or to unite
those who believe in Him, we are automatically
helping Satan, to scatter, or to “divide and conquer”
the Body of Christ, or the Church, of which Body,
or Church, there is really only “one” (see
Mat. 12:30, John 10:16, and
Mat. 18:15-17)

So, as Christians,
we must be gathered, or united,
as well as help Jesus, to gather, or unite
other Believers ‐‐ and, we can easily do that,
by simply promoting United We Shall Stand.

Furthermore, God’s Word clearly tells us, that
Jesus has more for us, than we could ever imagine
(see 1Cor. 2:9).  However, this applies to both
positive, and negative promises
(see Rev. 21:5-8).

And, since Jesus is a man of war
(see Ex. 15:3), who has never lost a battle,
this is an extremely “important” consideration
(especially since Jesus will judge everyone,
by His “written” Word, without
respect of persons).

[Note:  If we have been given more,
more is required of us, and not less,
or nothing at all (as many teach).]

Therefore, let’s do our part of the covenant (with Jesus),
so that Jesus will do His part of the covenant (with us)
‐‐ which is, that He will reward us, for our works,
both now, on earth, and later, in eternity
(see 2Cor. 5:9-11).

And, our works include getting, being, and staying united,
as members of the “one” Body of Christ,
or the “one” Church.

Remember:  Being gathered, or united, as Christians,
is NOT simply an “option;” it is a COMMANDMENT,
with both temporal, and eternal ramifications.

And, getting, being, and staying united
is totally up to us, to manifest
(see Col. 3:22-25).

And, we need information, so that
we can know who, what. when, where, why,
and how, about getting, being, and staying united,
as well as about anything, and everything else,
both in America, and around the world.

So, we “need” United We Shall Stand.

United We Shall Stand is an Internet Periodical, and
it provides Christians, with all of the above, and a lot more.
Therefore, please contact us, so that you can subscribe, etc.


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Again, thank you for visiting United We Shall Stand.

may God bless you,
and yours, and all of us. 
Help us, Lord. 

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